About Us

 The World Education Foundation (hereinafter “WEF”) is the vision of two individuals, Munir Rizvi and Muneza Cheema, who sought to make a difference in the lives of the impoverished. They found that the most effective way to bring about this change, to curb and eventually eliminate poverty would be through education. As such in 2002, they begin sponsoring individual students who could not otherwise afford to go to school, by making a commitment to pay for their fees and school related expenses. What had commenced as a simple commitment and undertaking by two individuals has now mushroomed into a program which is sponsoring an entire school of 450 students and 100 more students at various schools and colleges in Pakistan. 

Currently, in Pakistan alone, there are over 20 million children who are not attending school. The literacy rate is one of the lowest in the regions, teeters at around 50 percent, while female literacy rate is a mere 25 percent. Although access to basic education is one of the most fundamental human rights, somewhere along the way these children are being left behind. Adult literacy rate is less than forty-nine percent in the region. In nations, such as Pakistan, parents have to often make an arduous and unfortunate choice of feeding their child or sending them to school. WEF seeks to eliminate the agony of making such choices, by absorbing the burden of expenses related to providing an education for their children, in the hopes that the parents will no longer have to make such choices.

While WEF is currently operating in Pakistan, the goal is to have a presence in every impoverished nation of the world, so that every child has an opportunity and has access to education.

We hope you will consider becoming a part of this change and a sponsor a child. Today, the cost of sponsoring one year of a child’s primary education is a mere $120.00. While, supporting a student through a professional college costs only $1,000.00 per year.

As WEF strives to keep children of streets around the world and increase literacy, this will not be possible without your help and support. Make a difference in a child’s life, by making the commitment to take on the responsibility of his/her education. Your $120.00 contribution will change a child’s life. Please make a check payable to “World Education Foundation”.

Please send your generous contributions to:
World Education Foundation
10675 Willows Road NE
Suite 250
Redmond, Wa 98052

World Education Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) organization,
all donations are TAX deductible. Tax ID: 20-8318075