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Jan 2019,

World education Foundation announced to provide financial assistance to student who want to go to high school from our middle school, we are also planning to adopt 10 orphan girls, detail will be added soon.

March 2018

Started first primary school in Karachi.


Nov 2014

We have adopted 50 Orphan kids through The Citizen Foundation, these kids have completed their 10th grade and want to continue to 11 and 12 grade.  The World Education Foundation has establised a fund for these kids.  As of today we are supporting over 550 kids at various schools in Pakistan.

Jan 2014.

One of our student from our degree program, Iqra Saleem graduated with BBA degree from DACB college, Iqra is the first child in her family who went to school and got a degree. 

Please donate, your donation will help us to continue our projects in Pakistan.  We provide financial support to needy kids for their education.

Jan 2013,

One of our student from our dgree program, Muhammad Muneeb Zahid graduated as a mechanical engineer from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan with 3.4 GPA.

September 2012,

Water projects for Baluchistan's schools are complete.  Thanks for all your support.  Now kids have drinking water and they all thank you for your support.

Please donate, your donation will help us to continue our projects in Pakistan.  We provide financial support to needy kids for their education.  


April 2012

Water Project
Baluchistan has the lowest water and sanitation indicators in Pakistan . The poor are particularly vulnerable in this context. The urban poor spend a disproportionately large part of their income buying water from vendors while in rural areas fetching water from long distances is the responsibility of women and children. Inadequate sanitation facilities lead to a prevalence of disease especially among the poor who, as a result, spend a significant proportion of their income on requisite medical care. World Education Foundation has decided to provide water to 6 schools in Baluchistan and providing the following.

  • Ensuring free access to water and promoting a regular water intake throughout the school day is a vital role for schools in promoting health and providing a healthy learning environment.
  • Fresh water is readily available at all times to all children, ensuring equal access to those with special needs or disabilities.
  • Free of charge water available for all students.
  • Chilled water available in summer.
  • Minimized the absence of students due to non-availability of water.
  • Decreased the hygienic problems among the children

March 2012

Mr. Aamir Mehmood Cheema (Secretary General Ghazali Education Trust) receiving a cheque from Ms. Munaza Cheema (Representative of World Education Foundation USA) for provision of clean water facility in Ghazali Education Trust Schools Baluchistan. 


November - December 2011

We have adopted 15 orphan girls from Taleemgah Dukhtaran-e-Awam Trust high school in Karachi (Pakistan). We will provide their education expenses.

The kids in Balochistan's (Pakistan) school does not have running water for their use. World Education Foundation is providing water pumps to all schools. We are going to provide 6 pumps for six schools. Currently there are 600 students going to these schools.

April 2011

We are happy to announce that two schools in Balochistan are now open and we have over 200 students registered. We want to thank Ghazali Education Trust for their help in opening these schools.

Jan 2011

World Education Foundation (WEF) is happy to announce that we have signed MOU with Ghazali Education Trust to start two Primary schools in Baluchistan.

Literacy rate in Pakistan is not good and Balochistan is most deprived and backward. Social and political unawareness, ancestral life style and economical worse condition of the Province are the major hurdle to turn the society in an educated nation. District of Lora Lai is at long distance from Capital of Baluchistan so this is more underprivileged. Quality education is very expensive these days and the geographical, social and economic circumstances of the people do not allow them to avail the chances of quality education for upcoming generation.

We are going to Baluchistan due to following reasons.

1. Balochistan is neglected badly in education and human development. We want to bring the people in national stream.

2. District Lora Lai is one of the most backward and ignorant areas of the Province.

To start these school, we will be renting couple buildings, our plan is to hire local people from the same area, it will help local community.
Insha ALLAH we will start these school in month of March 2011.

June 2010

Report of Amir Shahzad Achievements
Subject: Achievement of Amir Shahzad at National science fair

1- Mr. Amir Shahzad, a student of intermediate (pre-Engineering) at Defense Authority Degree College has been nominated for educational Scholarship from World Education Foundation.

2- Mr. Amir Shahzad is not only a good student but also prominent in co-curricular/ extra activities.

(a) - Extra Curricular Activities
1) Intel Science Olympiad-2008
2) Participation in Annual science exhibition-2008-09
3) Participation in National Science Fair 2010

(b) - Co curricular Activities
1) Vice Captain of college sports
2) Participation in Inter badminton Competition.
3) Senior proctor of college
4) Participation in 14th August poster competition-2008

3- Mr. Amir Shahzad presented Chemistry team project “Dyeing of Wool and Polyamide substrates with extract of natural sources”, and achieved National Grand award and Gold Medal.

4- Winners of National Science Fair 2010 will represent the nation in the upcoming Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2010 in San Jose USA.

5- During this period of research he has been punctual, reliable, enthusiastic and keen to absorb as much information as possible.

6- In conclusion Amir Shahzad is highly intelligent and well-motivated young boy who performed well thought out his work with us.

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